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Welcome To FoNt Gaming

#1 racicm or being sexist will not be tolerated if you get caught you will have three warnings after you have had three warnings you will be kicked out of the clan.
#2 Respect all clan members and leaders/owners of the clan (we will kick you if rule not followed)
#3 Have fun please dont ruin other Clan members or players day by yelling and or screaming at them.
#4 you can have relationships with clan members but please do not talk about  your relationship in clan vs clan or Practice.
#5 NO mods/aimbots or moded controllers are allowed if you use mods/aimbots in practice or in a game we will ask you to one turn them off or two leave practice or leave the game if you do not turn off your mods/aimbot you will be kicked from the clan.
Thats all hope you guys enjoy the clan and remember to have fun
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